Saturday, June 19, 2010

Still hear would love to hear from people with spider excavators and operators in general.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Selling My Spider Excavators

Hello All,
Well it's been a while sense I posted anything on my blog but I thought I should let you know I sold both of my Schaeff hs41m's The 2001 I sold last August and the 1996 I sold in June but I can still get new ones from a European company if anyone is looking for them. I'll add some pics and video to this blog soon.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Stabilizing Slides Using a Spider Excavator

Spider Excavator - The conventional track excavator is a common workhorse in the logging industry of BC. On steeper ground the operator needs to bench into the slope to gain access and help insure user safety. However, this is not always desirable when we are concerned with stability of a slope since it may lead to costly problems related to placement of the excavated material and other problems such as a loss of toe support and over steepened cut and fill faces.
As an alternative, the Spider Excavator is a machine that has the ability to walk, (like a spider), with its 4 legs on steep slopes of up to 100% without the requirement to construct large benches or create undue ground disturbance. The only effect is the ground compaction at each of the pads on the base of the spiders "legs".

Monday, October 15, 2007

Spider Hoe, spider excavator, walking evcavator

Welcome to my blog. I decided to write this about Spider Excavators because I own two of them and I think they are about the only machine that is virtually unlimited. The only thing that limits these machines is the operator. One of my machines is a 1996 Schaeff HS41M with 1018 hours on it and the other one is a 2001 Schaeff HS41M with 2300 hours on it.

The reason I bought these machines was because I have some very steep properties that are a natural 2:1 slope. Some parts are a lot steeper and some aren't quite so steep. A conventional excavator or rubber tired hoe would not do it and the spider excavator is perfect for very steep terrain. They are capable of working on a 100% slope or a 1:1 slope ratio and in 5 feet of water without any assistance. They are the ultimate all terrain excavator, and they are also known as walking excavators, spider hoe, and super hoe. Shaeff sold out to Terrex a couple years ago and they quit building the HS41M and the HS41MM. Now they sell the Kaiser S1 and S2 and they seem to be pretty good machines, but they are expensive. Menzi Much also has some walking excavators that they sell but I don't know that much about them. Euromach is another manufacturer of the Spider Excavator and they seem to have a lot more variety in sizes. They have a couple of mini Walking Excavators but I haven't had the chance to run any of them yet.